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My Life Is Good Thanks to the Radio

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If you are a fan of the radio, you would have been a part of this phenomenon called "The Red Envelope". The phrase was made popular by Howard Stern, who used it frequently in his shows to convey the idea that he had bought the biggest, or the latest, or the greatest. You might say that Howard Stern just has a big ear for music and that is why he has attracted millions of radio fans around the world. My life is good thanks to the radio!

Nowadays, thanks to technology, we can listen to the radio wherever and whenever we want. In fact, we can do it all the time. We can listen to our favorite radio shows anytime of the day or night. And what's more, we get to enjoy these shows along with millions of other radio channels worldwide! All because of Howard Stern.

Back in the 1960s, Howard Stern became one of America's most popular entertainers. He was a long time listener of the radio show "Howard Stern Show" and developed into a master of the art of interviewing celebrities and other prominent personalities. This gave birth to what we know now as radio gossip. Howard Stern became one of the most famous radio jockeys in the history of radio.

One of the things that he did very well was interviewing people from all walks of life. Celebrities included. Howard Stern is a great raconteur and always makes sure that what he is saying is taken seriously. The wonderful thing about Howard Stern is that he can get anyone to agree with him on anything. So, if I told you that my life is good because of Howard Stern, you would believe me right away!

He gets himself in hot seats very often on the Howard Stern Show. There are some people who can't stand Howard Stern, but they don't seem to be able to stop listening to him! Howard Stern may be a dirty talker, but he is also one of the most creative. If you don't like what he's saying, you can tell he is no good and keep hearing his radio show from him. Howard is not the type of guy to just say, "Ya!"

My life is good thanks to the radio! If you are a fan, you should really check out Howard Stern's radio shows. They are not only informative and entertaining, they are fun too. If I had to choose between my life is good thanks to the radio and having a family that loves me, I would choose the radio!