Hi! My name is Alexa and I have been a graphic designer since I was a child, I just didn’t realize it.

I have been digitally manipulating images since at least 12 years old – using any free software trial I could find. It took me way too long to realize that graphic design was something that I could make a career of.

Initially, I went to college for television production and then more recently for graphic design. I have worked with many bloggers and business owners, creating visuals that give them the opportunity to be seen.

My career path has seemingly been all over the place but I have finally found how to combine my passions here – graphic design and helping other people achieve their goals.

For years, 10:17 has been a time of day that I would see on the clock twice a day, without fail. Always glancing at the clock at this time eventually became my own type of serendipity. It seemed like an obvious choice to include 10:17 in the name of my new business adventure.

I am here to help bring your dreams to life in a way that is perfectly tailored to your business, needs, and budget.